San Churro

San Churro is a renowned dessert chain in Australia that offers a diverse menu of Spanish-style chocolates, churros, and drinks. Their menu caters to every chocolate lover, with a variety of hot and cold beverages, desserts, and snacks made with the freshest ingredients. Explore the tantalising San Churro menu and indulge in their mouth-watering treats.

What are the specials at San Churro

Top 5 specials at San Churro include the El Classico, Familia Feast, Amigos Night In, Apple Pie Churros Snack Pack, and DIY Hot Chocolate Bombs. San Churro serves a variety of churros, shakes, hot chocolate, ice cream, cold drinks, coffee, tea, and cakes to satisfy your dessert cravings.

San Churro Menu Australia

San Churro Menu FAQ’s

Does San Churro serve breakfast ?

There is no information provided about San Churro serving breakfast. Therefore, it can be assumed that they do not offer breakfast on their menu.

Does San Churro serve lunch ?

The provided menu of San Churro does not include any items that are typically served for lunch. Therefore, it can be concluded that San Churro does not serve lunch.

What’s the cheapest dish at San Churro

The cheapest dish at San Churro is the Kids Churros for A$7.

In conclusion,

San Churro’s Australian menu offers a wide variety of delicious desserts and drinks, ranging from classic churros to creative chocolate concoctions. Their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and ethical sourcing practices sets them apart in the industry. We highly recommend trying their signature hot chocolate or any of their seasonal specials.

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