Xs Espresso

With a menu that is both extensive and innovative, Xs Espresso is a beloved Australian coffee shop that offers a wide range of breakfast and lunch dishes, sweet treats, and drinks. From their famous Nutella waffles to their matcha lattes, there is something for everyone at Xs Espresso. Explore their exciting and diverse menu today.

What are the specials at Xs Espresso

Top 5 specials at Xs Espresso: Biscoff Kitkat Loaded Donut Fries, Biscoff Kitkat Lava Pancakes, XS Ricotta Hotcake, Boss Burger, and Nutella Brownie.

Xs Espresso offers a diverse range of breakfast, lunch, and dessert items, including burgers, pasta, and acai bowls. Don’t miss out on their Biscoff Kitkat creations, and indulge in one of their signature shakes, including the Golden Gaytime Shake or the XS Surprise Shake. Hot and cold drinks, as well as pastries and cakes, round out the menu.

Xs Espresso

Xs Espresso Menu Australia

Biscoff Kitkat Range
Biscoff Kitkat ThickshakeA$12
Biscoff Kitkat Loaded Donut FriesA$19
Biscoff Kitkat Lava PancakesA$23
Biscoff Kitkat Cookie DoughA$18
Biscoff Kitkat WaffleA$19
Mains Lunch
Angus SirloinA$28
Atlantic SalmonA$26
Red Sea BarramundiA$27
Big XS BreakfastA$26
Pumpkin and Halloumi SaladA$21
Pita BowlA$21
Chicken and WaffleA$21
Grilled Chicken and ChipsA$18
Mediterranean SaladA$17
Super BowlA$20
Burrata SaladA$19
XS StackA$20
Three Toppings OmeletteA$19
Delicious DeanA$20
Truffle BenedictA$21
XS Ricotta HotcakeA$21
Eggs on Toast Your WayA$13
Lets Get SmashedA$17
Happy BowlA$23
Breakfast BurgerA$17
Beef Sausage & Egg RollA$10
The Boss BurgerA$21
So Cheeky BurgerA$21
El Chapo BurgerA$21
Green GnocchiA$22
Nonna’s PastaA$26
I’m Vegan LinguiniA$23
Aglio Y OlioA$25
Pollo CremaA$25
Plain ChipsA$9.5
Sweet Potato WedgesA$10
Americano FriesA$15
Cheeseburger FriesA$15
El Pablo FriesA$15
Linguine PastaA$12
Little Cheeseburger and ChipsA$14
Kids PancakeA$11
Maple Stack PancakeA$21
Belgium Stack PancakeA$21
Biscoff PancakesA$22
Biscoff Kitkat Lava PancakesA$23
Desserts Breakfast/Lunch
Oven Baked Cookie DoughA$18
Single WaffleA$17
Belgium SouffleA$17
Next Level WafflesA$23
Woohoo Fondue For TwoA$19
The Biscoff DessertA$16
Biscoff Cookie DoughA$18
Doughnut FriesA$17
Biscoff Kitkat Loaded Donut FriesA$19
Biscoff Kitkat Lava PancakesA$23
Biscoff Kitkat Cookie DoughA$18
Biscoff Kitkat WaffleA$19
Banana Bread (GF)A$5.5
Pear & Raspberry Bread (GF)A$5.5
Nutella BrownieA$5.5
Fig Nut BarA$5.5
Nutella DonutA$5.5
Caramel DonutA$5.5
Mini Gaytime DonutA$4.5
Plain CronutA$6.5
Mixed CronutA$9.5
Orange Cake (GF)A$7.5
Donuts Box (6)A$26
White Choc Macadamia BlondieA$5.5
Triple Choc Brownie (GF)A$5.5
Carrot CakeA$0.5
Assorted MuffinA$5.8
Acai BowlA$18
Acai SmoothieA$12.5
XS Shakes
Original Cronut ShakeA$17
Volcano ShakeA$16
Monster ShakeA$16
XS Surprise ShakeA$16
Maximess ShakeA$16
Golden Gaytime ShakeA$16
The Biscoff BeautA$19
Biscoff Kitkat ThickshakeA$12
XS Favourites
Tim Tam ShakeA$11
Nutella ShakeA$11
Kit Kat ShakeA$11
Peanut Butter and Tim Tam ShakeA$11
Cookies and Cream ShakeA$11
Protein Shakes
Vanilla EspressoA$10
Choc PBA$10
Vanilla BananaA$10
Brekkie on the RunA$10
Wild BerryA$10
Chocolate AlmondA$10
Energy BuzzA$10
Berry BlastA$10
Super GreenA$10
Pineapple and MintA$10
Soft DrinksA$5
Iced CoffeeA$10
Iced ChocolateA$10
Iced MochaA$10
Iced LatteA$10
Iced Long BlackA$9
Cold Drip-XS Caffeine HitA$7
Still WaterA$4
Hot Drinks
Flat WhiteA$5.2
Short BlackA$4.2
Long BlackA$4.8
Chai LatteA$5
Hot ChocolateA$6.1
Nutella LatteA$6.2
Cookies and Cream LatteA$6.2
Turmeric LatteA$5.5
Matcha LatteA$5.5
Taro LatteA$5.5
Tea T2A$4.8
Lotus LatteA$6.2
Sticky Prana ChaiA$7.5
Dirty Chai LatteA$5.5

Xs Espresso Menu FAQ’s

Does Xs Espresso serve breakfast ?

Yes, Xs Espresso serves breakfast. Their breakfast menu includes items such as Eggs on Toast Your Way, Lets Get Smashed, Happy Bowl, Breakfast Burger, Beef Sausage & Egg Roll, Toast, Yogurt, XS Ricotta Hotcake, Three Toppings Omelette, Shakshuka, Truffle Benedict, and XS Stack. They also offer pancakes, including Maple Stack Pancake, Belgium Stack Pancake, and Biscoff Pancakes. Acai bowls and smoothies are also available for breakfast.

Does Xs Espresso serve lunch ?

Yes, Xs Espresso serves lunch. Their lunch menu includes mains such as Angus Sirloin, Atlantic Salmon, Red Sea Barramundi, Pumpkin and Halloumi Salad, Pita Bowl, Chicken and Waffle, Grilled Chicken and Chips, Mediterranean Salad, Super Bowl, Burrata Salad, XS Stack, Three Toppings Omelette, Delicious Dean, Shakshuka, Truffle Benedict, and XS Ricotta Hotcake. They also have burgers, pasta, fries, and a kids menu.

What’s the cheapest dish at Xs Espresso

The cheapest dish at Xs Espresso is Toast, priced at A$6.

In conclusion, Xs Espresso Australia offers a variety of delicious and unique menu items. From their signature freakshakes to their savory brunch options, there is something for everyone at Xs Espresso. We highly recommend checking out their menu and visiting one of their locations for a tasty dining experience.

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