When it comes to choosing the best pizza in Australia, Dominos menu is surely a top choice. With a wide variety of toppings, crusts, and sizes, customers can create their perfect pizza. Dominos menu also offers sides, desserts, and beverages making it a one-stop-shop for a delicious meal.

What are the specials at Dominos

Top 5 specials at Dominos:

1) The Big Pepperoni

2) Loaded Burger

3) Hawaiian

4) Vegan Taco Fiesta

5) Chicken Supreme.

Dominos menu offers a variety of traditional and modern pizza options in large and extra large sizes, along with vegan and vegetarian options. Sides and desserts complement the extensive menu available.

Dominos Menu Australia

Dominos Menu FAQ’s

Does Dominos serve breakfast ?

Based on the provided menu, it can be inferred that Domino’s does not serve breakfast as there are no breakfast items listed on the menu. The menu only includes pizza, sides, desserts, and drinks.

Does Dominos serve lunch ?

The menu provided does not specify whether or not Dominos serves lunch. It only lists various pizzas, sides, chicken items, desserts, and drinks. Therefore, it is unclear whether they offer a separate lunch menu or if customers can order from the regular menu during lunch hours.

What’s the cheapest dish at Dominos

The cheapest dish at Dominos is the Value Pizza in either Pepperoni, Simply Cheese, Ham & Cheese, Beef & Onion, Cheesy Garlic Pizza, Spicy Veg Trio, or Margherita pizza in Large size for A$5.

In conclusion,

Dominos Australia offers a wide variety of delicious pizza options along with sides, desserts, and drinks to satisfy any craving. With options that cater to various dietary needs and preferences, Dominos is an excellent choice for pizza delivery in Australia. As menus are subject to change, we encourage our users to provide the latest menu information in the comments section.

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