Nando’s menu in Australia is a feast for the senses, featuring tantalizing flame-grilled chicken, mouth-watering sides, and signature sauces that are sure to satisfy any craving. With a range of spice levels to suit every palate, Nando’s is the perfect destination for a flavour-packed meal with family and friends.

What are the specials at Nandos

Top 5 Nandos specials: Whole Chicken Feast, Burger Buddies Meal, Perfect Pair, Whole PERi-PERi Chicken+2 Large Sides, and Mixed Platter – Whole Chicken.
Nandos offers a variety of flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken meals, burgers, salads, and sides. They also have a kids’ menu, desserts, and a range of PERi-PERi sauces and dips. Don’t miss their meal bundles for great deals on delicious food.

Nandos Menu Australia

Nandos Menu FAQ’s

Does Nandos serve breakfast ?

The provided menu of Nandos does not mention serving breakfast or any breakfast items. Therefore, it can be concluded that Nandos does not serve breakfast.

Does Nandos serve lunch ?

The provided menu does not explicitly state whether Nandos serves lunch or not. However, based on the variety of items listed, it is likely that they offer lunch options in addition to their regular menu items. The menu includes meal bundles, burgers, salads, and smaller snack items such as grilled chicken tenders and ribs, all of which could be suitable for a lunchtime meal. Additionally, there are options for kids’ meals and desserts, which could also be part of a lunch menu. Overall, while the menu does not specifically label anything as a “lunch” item, Nandos likely serves options that would be suitable for a midday meal.

What’s the cheapest dish at Nandos

The cheapest dish at Nandos is the PERi-PERi Grilled Tender, which is priced at A$3.5.

In conclusion,

Nando’s Australia offers a delicious and varied menu featuring their signature flame-grilled chicken alongside a range of sides, burgers, wraps, and salads. With options catering to different dietary needs and preferences, there’s something for everyone at Nando’s. However, menus are always subject to change and it’s best to check with the restaurant for the latest offerings. We encourage our users to share any updates on the latest menu in the comments section.

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