Top Juice

Top Juice offers a diverse range of fresh and healthy juices, smoothies, and food items in its menu across Australia. Their menu includes a variety of organic, vegan, and gluten-free options to cater to diverse dietary needs. Explore the delicious menu of Top Juice and indulge in healthy options today.

What are the specials at Top Juice

Top Juice’s best 5 specials are: Acai Bowl, Bircher Muesli, Freshly Pressed Pomegranate Juice, CocoBana Dairy-Free Smoothie, and Rice Pudding. With a menu that boasts a variety of fruit salads, yoghurts, juices, smoothies, frappes, and protein shakes, Top Juice offers tasty and healthy options for all occasions. Indulge in their chocolate-dipped fruit, try their chia pudding, or create your own fresh juice. Top Juice has something for everyone.

Top Juice Menu Australia

Fruit Salad
Fruit SaladA$8.9
Super Foods
Acai BowlA$14.5
Yoghurt with Topping
Pistachio and CranberryA$8.9
Mixed Berry YoghurtA$8.9
Toasted Muesli Strawberry Banana Dried Coconut YoghurtA$8.9
Strawberry Banana Passionfruit YoghurtA$8.9
Apple Crumble YoghurtA$8.9
Cacao Crunch YoghurtA$8.9
Bircher MuesliA$8.9
Fruit Juices
Feel Good JuiceA$8.75
Jungle JuiceA$8.75
Berried Treasure JuiceA$8.75
Pear Flair JuiceA$8.75
Easy Tropical JuiceA$8.75
Berry Delight JuiceA$8.75
Happy JuiceA$8.75
Citrus Mix JuiceA$8.75
Freshly Pressed Pomegranate JuiceA$13
Veggie Juices
Slim Grin JuiceA$8.75
Red Rush JuiceA$8.75
Minty Mix JuiceA$8.75
Green Grin JuiceA$8.75
Ruby Green JuiceA$8.75
Purple Power JuiceA$8.75
Easy Green JuiceA$8.75
Super Veg JuiceA$8.75
Summer Set SmoothieA$9
Havana SmoothieA$9
Tropbanana SmoothieA$9
Acai Mix SmoothieA$9
Triple Berry SmoothieA$9
Blubana SmoothieA$9
Paradise SmoothieA$9
Palm SmoothieA$9
Dairy Free Smoothies
Jungle GreenA$11.25
Strawberry CreamA$11.25
Date MeA$11.25
Mighty MangoA$11.25
Pink DragonA$11.25
Two Seasons FrappeA$9
Pineberry FrappeA$9
Acai Crush FrappeA$9
Minty Fresh FrappeA$9
Gold Crush FrappeA$9
Cool Breeze FrappeA$9
Protein Shakes
Shake OneA$10.2
Shake TwoA$10.2
Shake ThreeA$10.2
Shake FourA$10.2
Shake FiveA$10.2
Shake SixA$10.2
Green Smoothies
Cacao Protein ShakeA$11.25
Big Hit Protein ShakeA$11.25
Quinoa Mango Green ShakeA$11.25
Chia Green Protein ShakeA$11.25
Breakfast Smooslies
Bircher Blend SmooslieA$11.25
Big Breakfast Blend SmooslieA$11.25
Chocolate Dipped Fruit
Milk Chocolate StrawberryA$3.25
Dark Chocolate BananaA$3.25
Milk Chocolate BananaA$3.25
Dark Chocolate StrawberryA$3.25
Create Your Own
Create your Own Fresh JuiceA$6.9
Melon MixA$7.5
100% Natural Plain YoghurtA$8.25
Organic Vegan Coconut YoghurtA$11.25
Melon Mix
Watermelon PiecesA$7.5
Pineapple and Honeydew Melon PiecesA$7.5
Fresh Coconut
Coconut WaterA$6.8
Top Juice WaterA$3.5
Chia PuddingA$8.9
Rice PuddingA$8.9
Protein Balls
Peanut Butter Protein BallA$4.9
Fig & Pistachio Protein BallA$4.9

Top Juice  Menu FAQ’s

Does Top Juice serve breakfast ?

Yes, Top Juice serves breakfast. The breakfast menu includes Bircher Muesli, Toasted Muesli with various toppings, Fruit Salad, and a variety of yoghurt options. They also have breakfast smoothies and protein shakes, as well as chia and rice pudding and protein balls.

Does Top Juice serve lunch ?

There is no indication of a lunch menu in the provided Top Juice menu. They seem to primarily offer breakfast items and drinks, snacks, and desserts.

What’s the cheapest dish at Top Juice

The cheapest dish at Top Juice is the “Create Your Own Fresh Juice” option, which costs A$6.90.

In conclusion,

Top Juice Australia offers a delicious range of refreshing and healthy drinks and food options. Whether you’re looking for a classic smoothie, fresh juice, or a tasty salad, their menu has something for everyone. With their commitment to using fresh, quality ingredients and their dedication to providing exceptional customer service, it’s easy to see why Top Juice is a popular choice for those looking for a healthy food and beverage option.

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