Tommy Ruff

Tommy Ruff boasts an extensive seafood-based menu that is sure to tantalise the tastebuds of seafood lovers across Australia. From succulent prawns to juicy oysters, customers can enjoy a variety of fresh and delicious dishes that are expertly prepared by the talented chefs at Tommy Ruff.

What are the specials at Tommy Ruff

The top 5 specials at Tommy Ruff include Moroccan Couscous Salmon, Western ‘Seadog’, Buffalo ‘Demon’ Prawns, Grilled Calamari, and Fish Tacos. The menu offers a variety of seafood dishes, including poke bowls, fish and chips, burgers, and salads, as well as sides and drinks. There is something for everyone, including vegan and kid-friendly options. Don’t forget to try their unique selection of beers and ciders.

Tommy Ruff Menu Australia

Moroccan Couscous SalmonA$26
Western’ SeadogA$22.5
Buffalo ‘Demon’ PrawnsA$22.5
One For All
Salt & Pepper CalamariA$16
Grilled CalamariA$16
Fish WingsA$20
Fish TacosA$22
Prawn TacosA$23
Southern TacosA$22
Vegan TacosA$19
Garlic Prawn SkewerA$14
Sweet Chilli Prawn SkewerA$14
Fishbowls & Hotpots
Salmon PokeA$22
Vegan PokeA$20
Crispy Barra SaladA$26
Trout w Mixed Herb & Mango SaladA$24
Seafood ChowderA$21
Fish CurryA$26.5
Classics & Specialties
Aussie Angler’A$16
Healthy FishoA$24
Squid Jig’A$26
Atl. Salmon MealA$28
Barra Super SpecialA$28
Marinated Ocean TroutA$28
South Fried Fish & ChipsA$26
Rod & Reel’A$21
Tacklebox for 2A$50
Kids Fish (Fried) & ChipsA$11.5
Kids Fish (Grilled) & ChipsA$11.5
Kids Calamari & ChipsA$11.5
Kids Nuggets & ChipsA$11.5
Kids Cheesy & ChipsA$10.5
Market Fish
Blue Grenadier (AUS/NZ)A$10
Flake (Gummy, VIC/SA)A$11
Barramundi (VIC/WA, AUS)A$18
Atlantic Salmon (TAS)A$16
Tommy’s Buns
StumpJumper (Crumbed)A$16
StumpJumper (Grilled)A$16
Southern SpikedA$18
Crab Claw BurgerA$18
Sinker Beef BurgerA$18
Lamb Skewer PlateA$26
Teaser BurgerA$16
House SaladA$10
Super SaladA$12
Greek SaladA$12
Mediterranean ColeslawA$10
Rocket Walnut & ParmesanA$11
Japanese Rocket SaladA$11
Mixed Herb, Mango & Peanut’A$11
Small ChipsA$6
Large ChipsA$13
Sweet Pot ChipsA$12
Onion RingsA$11
Veggies (Mixed Seasonal)A$9
Brown RiceA$5
Dim Sim FRIEDA$2.5
Dim Sim STEAMEDA$2.5
Calamari RingA$2.5
Potato CakeA$2.2
Crab StickA$2.2
Fish BiteA$4
Fish CakeA$4.5
Chicken NuggetA$1.9
Pickled OnionA$1.9
Pineapple FritterA$4.5
Asian SauceA$3.5
BBQ SauceA$2
Chipotle MayoA$3
Salsa VerdeA$3.5
Spanish SalsaA$3.5
Soy SauceA$0
Sw Chilli JamA$3.5
Tartare SauceA$3
Sweet Chilli MayoA$3
Tomato SauceA$1.5
Soft Drinks
Coke ZeroA$5
Lift (375ml)A$5
Fanta (375ml)A$5
Pasito (375ml)A$5
Creamy Soda (375ml)A$5
Orange JuiceA$6.5
Apple JuiceA$6.5
San Pel – ChinottoA$7
San Pel – LimonattaA$7
San Pel – RossaA$7
Pompelmo – GrapefruitA$6.5
Kombucha – Ginger & LemonA$6.5
Kombucha – Raspberry LemonadeA$6.5
Kombucha – Mango PassionA$6.5
Mt Franklin Lightly SparklingA$4
Sparkling Water Mt FranklinA$4
Tommy’s Beer & Cider
Skull & Bones’ Apple CiderA$10.5
Kiss the Mermaid’ Pear CiderA$10
Davy Jones Locker’ Strawberry CiderA$12
Captain Ginger Beard’ Ginger BeerA$12
Chimay Doree (Belgian Ale)A$11.5
Erdinger WeissbierA$15
Stone & WoodA$13
Boags LightA$9

Tommy Ruff Menu FAQ’s

Does Tommy Ruff serve breakfast ?

It is not specified whether Tommy Ruff serves breakfast or not.

Does Tommy Ruff serve lunch ?

Based on the menu provided, it is not specified whether Tommy Ruff serves lunch or not. The menu appears to offer a variety of dishes that could be suitable for both lunch and dinner, including salads, fish dishes, tacos, and burgers. However, without more information it is impossible to confirm whether they have a specific lunch menu or offer lunch specials.

What’s the cheapest dish at Tommy Ruff

The cheapest dish at Tommy Ruff is the Kids Cheesy & Chips for A$10.50.

In conclusion,

The Tommy Ruff Australia menu offers a wide variety of delicious seafood dishes that are perfect for seafood lovers. From fresh oysters to succulent fish and chips, and even an option for those who prefer plant-based meals, there is something for everyone. The menu also uses sustainably sourced seafood, making it a great choice for those who are environmentally conscious. If you are looking for a seafood restaurant that offers high-quality meals, Tommy Ruff is a great choice.

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