Uncle Tetsu

Uncle Tetsu’s menu in Australia offers a delightful range of Japanese-inspired desserts, including the famous Japanese-style cheesecake, matcha-flavored treats, and assorted baked goods. With its melt-in-your-mouth goodness, Uncle Tetsu’s baked creations are a must-try for any dessert lover.

What are the specials at Uncle Tetsu

Five specials at Uncle Tetsu are the Original Cheesecake, Honey Earl Grey Cheesecake, Matcha Pudding, Onigiri Crepe – Almond Chocolate, and Original Pudding.

Uncle Tetsu’s menu features a variety of baked treats, including their famous cheesecakes and cheesetarts. Other items include madeleines, puddings, and Onigiri crepes in various flavors. Prices range from A$4.4 to A$22.5.

Uncle Tetsu Menu Australia

Original CheesecakeA$22.5
Honey Earl Grey CheesecakeA$18.7
Matcha MadeleineA$4.4
Earl Grey MadeleineA$4.4
Chocolate MadeleineA$4.4
Honey MadeleineA$4.4
Original CheesetartA$4.9
Original PuddingA$4.9
Matcha PuddingA$4.9
Onigiri Crepe
Onigiri Crepe – Original BerryA$5.2
Onigiri Crepe – Almond ChocolateA$5.2
Onigiri Crepe – Honey Earl GreyA$5.2

Uncle Tetsu Menu FAQ’s

Does Uncle Tetsu serve breakfast ?

I’m sorry, but based on the provided menu, we cannot determine if Uncle Tetsu serves breakfast or not. The menu only shows a selection of desserts, and there is no mention of breakfast items.

Does Uncle Tetsu serve lunch ?

The provided menu of Uncle Tetsu does not indicate whether they serve lunch or not.

What’s the cheapest dish at Uncle Tetsu

The cheapest dish at Uncle Tetsu is the Original Cheesetart, priced at A$4.9.

In conclusion,

Uncle Tetsu’s Australia menu offers a variety of delicious Japanese-style cheesecakes, tarts, and Japanese beverages. With a focus on quality ingredients and traditional baking techniques, each item is meticulously crafted and presented with great care. From their signature fluffy cheesecakes to their innovative matcha and hojicha offerings, Uncle Tetsu’s has something for everyone. We highly recommend trying their menu items and experiencing the magic of Uncle Tetsu’s for yourself.

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