Looking for the best Sabbaba menu in Australia? Look no further than this Middle Eastern-inspired eatery! Featuring a delicious array of fresh, healthy, and flavorful dishes, Sabbaba is the perfect spot for foodies and casual diners alike. Whether you’re craving falafel, shawarma, or a hearty salad, Sabbaba’s menu has something for everyone. So why wait? Stop by and try it out for yourself today!

What are the specials at Sabbaba

Top 5 specials at Sabbaba:
1) Super Plate: Combination of flavorful meats and salads
2) Tunisian Pita Pocket: Filled with spicy lamb kofta
3) Lentil, Quinoa & Haloumi Salad: Delicious vegetarian salad
4) Grilled Barramundi: Fresh fish dish
5) Coconut Chilli Mayo: Perfect condiment to add a kick to any dish

Sabbaba offers tasty Mediterranean food ranging from pita pockets to bowls and plates, with a variety of proteins and delicious salads. They have a selection of sides and dips, and unique specials such as the Super Bowl and Coconut Chilli Mayo. End your meal with their scrumptious Chocolate Brownie or Baklava.

Sabbaba Menu Australia

Sabbaba Menu FAQ’s

Does Sabbaba serve breakfast ?

There is no information provided about Sabbaba serving breakfast. Therefore, it cannot be determined whether they serve breakfast or not.

Does Sabbaba serve lunch ?

Based on the menu provided, Sabbaba serves lunch. Their lunch menu includes Pita, Bowl, or Plate options, Pimped Up Pita Pockets, Seasonal Salads, Soup, Super Bowl and Super Plate, Sides, Pita Packs, Dips, Condiments & Extras, Desserts, and Drinks.

What’s the cheapest dish at Sabbaba

The cheapest dish at Sabbaba is the Vine Leaves priced at A$5.9.

In conclusion,

Sabbaba Australia offers a unique and delicious Middle Eastern menu with a variety of fresh and healthy options. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic hummus, falafel or shakshuka, or something more adventurous like a sabich burger or vegan shawarma, Sabbaba has something for everyone. So, if you’re looking for a quick and tasty meal in Australia, Sabbaba is definitely worth checking out. Don’t forget to comment below to request the latest menu!

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