The Huxtaburger menu in Australia offers a delectable range of classic and creative burger options, each crafted with high-quality ingredients and bursting with flavour. From the iconic Huxtaburger to the vegan-friendly Billie Jean, there’s something to satisfy every burger craving.

What are the specials at Huxtaburger

Top 5 specials at Huxtaburger: Hangry Dessert Pack ($29), Hangry Fam pack ($57), Double Plain Jane ($14), Chicken Burgers (starting at $14.7), and Thicc Shakes (starting at $7).

Huxtaburger offers a variety of burgers, including beef, chicken, and plant-based options. They also have fried chicken, sides, dipping sauces, desserts, and drinks, such as kombucha and iced tea. Don’t miss their specials, including family packs and thicc shakes.

Huxtaburger Menu Australia

Huxtaburger Menu FAQ’s

Does Huxtaburger serve breakfast ?

Based on the provided menu, there is only one item listed under the “Brekkie Burger” category, which suggests that Huxtaburger serves a limited breakfast menu. However, without further information, it is unclear if this item is available only during breakfast hours or if it can be ordered at any time. It is recommended to contact Huxtaburger directly or visit their website for more information about their breakfast menu and hours.

Does Huxtaburger serve lunch ?

The provided menu includes a range of burgers, fried chicken, sides, desserts, shakes, and drinks, but it does not explicitly mention whether Huxtaburger serves lunch or not. However, given the variety and size of the menu, it is likely that they serve meals throughout the day, including lunch.

Without a specific lunch menu section, it is difficult to describe what Huxtaburger’s lunch offerings might be. However, based on the items listed in the menu, customers could potentially create their own lunch combos by selecting a burger, a side, and a drink. The Picnic Pack and Hangry Duo/Fam options may also be good choices for sharing a lunch with a friend or colleague. Additionally, the Brekkie Burger and Churro Bites could be popular choices for a brunch or midday snack.

What’s the cheapest dish at Huxtaburger?

The cheapest dish at Huxtaburger is the Brekkie Burger at A$10.

In conclusion,

Huxtaburger Australia offers a diverse and delicious menu of burgers, sides, and drinks that is sure to please any burger lover. From classic combinations to more adventurous and unique flavors, this fast casual restaurant has something for everyone. For those looking for a taste of Huxtaburger’s latest offerings, we encourage you to check out their website or visit one of their locations to view their current menu. Be sure to leave your feedback and let us know your favorite menu item in the comments below.

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