Cafe Sydney

Cafe Sydney offers a delectable menu in Australia, ranging from fresh seafood to modern Australian cuisine. With stunning harbour views, diners can indulge in the finest dining experience while savouring the flavours of the city. Explore the menu and taste a piece of Sydney’s food culture.

What are the specials at Cafe Sydney

Top 5 specials at Cafe Sydney:

1) Salmon Carpaccio with cured salmon, bug tail, avocado cream, lime dressing, roe, and mint;

2) Grilled Western Australian Octopus with smoked chickpea eggplant cream, green olive dressing, and fig leaf;

3) Twice Cooked Goat Cheese Souffle with beetroot, parmesan, and red sorrel;

4) Wagyu Bresaola with Woodside buffalo milk curd, preserved fig, olive, and rosemary focaccia;

5) Tuna Tartare with Fraser Island spanner crab, aioli, nasturtium, and lemon dressing.

Cafe Sydney’s menu offers a range of seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes, with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal produce. Highlights include freshly shucked oysters, crustacean platters, and grilled fish dishes. Appetizers and salads feature imaginative flavor combinations like twice-cooked goat cheese souffle with beetroot and parmesan, while mains range from roasted duck breast to tandoori roasted salmon. A selection of naan breads and sides round out the menu.

Cafe Sydney Menu Australia

Cafe Sydney Menu FAQ’s

Does Cafe Sydney serve breakfast ?

The provided menu does not include any breakfast options. Therefore, it can be assumed that Cafe Sydney does not serve breakfast.

Does Cafe Sydney serve lunch ?

It is not explicitly stated whether Cafe Sydney serves lunch or not. However, based on the menu items provided, it is likely that they do serve lunch as the menu includes appetizers, salads, and main course dishes. The menu features a range of seafood dishes, including oysters, prawns, and Moreton Bay bug, as well as meat dishes such as pork belly and beef tenderloin. There are also a variety of sides and bread options available. Overall, Cafe Sydney’s lunch menu appears to offer a range of high-end, contemporary Australian cuisine with a focus on seafood and meat dishes.

What’s the cheapest dish at Cafe Sydney

The cheapest dish at Cafe Sydney is the Sydney Rock Oyster at A$6.

In conclusion,

Cafe Sydney offers a diverse and exciting menu that showcases the best of Australian cuisine. From fresh seafood to classic meat dishes, there is no shortage of options that will satisfy any palate. With its stunning views of the Sydney Harbour and chic atmosphere, Cafe Sydney is the perfect spot for any occasion. We highly recommend trying out their signature dishes like the Kingfish Sashimi, the Wagyu Sirloin, and the Tasmanian Salmon. If you’re planning a visit, be sure to check their website for the latest menu offerings and to make a reservation. Don’t forget to leave a comment below for the latest menu!

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