Bondi Pizza

Bondi Pizza’s menu in Australia offers an extensive range of gourmet pizzas, pasta dishes, salads, and desserts. Using only fresh and quality ingredients, their menu caters to all dietary needs, making it the perfect spot for foodies and families alike.

What are the specials at Bondi Pizza

Top 5 specials at Bondi Pizza:

1) Salt & Pepper Calamari,

2) Sizzling Chilli Prawns,

3) Arancini Balls,

4) Garlic and Cheese Pizza,

5) Grilled Halloumi.

Bondi Pizza offers a range of starters and pizzas, featuring classic Margarita to unique options like Texmex and Popeye. Vegetarian and vegan options available. Don’t miss the delicious calamari and prawns.

Bondi Pizza Menu Australia

Bondi Pizza Menu FAQ’s

Does Bondi Pizza serve breakfast ?

The provided menu does not contain any items that would typically be considered breakfast items, such as eggs, bacon, or pancakes. Therefore, it can be concluded that Bondi Pizza does not serve breakfast.

Does Bondi Pizza serve lunch ?

There is no clear indication from the provided menu whether Bondi Pizza serves lunch or not. The menu only lists starters and pizza options, which could be served at any time of the day. However, without more information, it cannot be determined if they offer a specific lunch menu or any lunch specials.

What’s the cheapest dish at Bondi Pizza

The cheapest dish at Bondi Pizza is the Garlic pizza in small size which costs A$7.

In conclusion,

Bondi Pizza Australia offers a wide range of delicious and unique pizzas, salads, pastas, and desserts. Their menu incorporates fresh, high-quality ingredients and caters for various dietary needs. Bondi Pizza is a great option for a casual meal or special occasion. To get the latest menu updates, we encourage users to check out their website or comment below for more information.

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